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Trash Can Casters

We provide caster customization service for urban trash cans. When customers seek out these casters specifically, the main concern is the service life after exposure to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. A secondary concern, like all casters, is the noise performance, and just like those that we supply for hospitals, schools, hotels and other indoor environments, these casters are quiet, light duty casters that will leave behind no wheel imprints.

According to different customer requirements for different usage environments (such as alkali resistant, acid resistant, wear-resistant, or waterproof), these casters can be used on the ground in areas where scrap iron or grease is prevalent.

Our Solutions

1. Indoor location: Users should choose a soft, high strength artificial rubber caster, due to the silent performance and floor protection features (meaning the wheels leave behind no imprints).
2. Alkaline, acidic, grease or wet environments: We recommend the use of PU or nylon, and if the surface is rough, a cast iron caster is an ideal choice.
3. Fixed casters design.

Casters recommendation

Our company manufacture industrial and commercial caster with a wide range of load capacity since 1988, as a reputable trash can caster supplier, we offer wide range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters. There are thousands of high quality caster wheels like rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, and cast iron wheels for casters, we can manufacture casters based on the custom size, load capacity and materials.