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Rolling Utility Cart Casters

We offer casters that are used in industrial, commercial, residential and hotel locations. We also offer casters for storage racks, which are often used in hotels and hospitals for additional storage space.

For indoor usage, casters need to be silent and leave no wheel imprints behind. These casters also have a lower load bearing capacity that is ideal for everyday use, and feature a flexible rotation that allows them to be used even in narrow locations.

According to customer requirements, we recommend

1. Using a high strength synthetic rubber caster that is soft and will leave behind no imprint on the floor.
2. Using Nylon or PU casters that are wear and impact resistant, making them suitable for a variety of locations.

Our company manufacture industrial caster with a wide range of load capacity since 1988, as a reputable rolling utility cart caster and caster wheel supplier, we offer wide range of light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters, and we have stem swivel casters and swivel plate casters with thousands of models. As our company can design the caster wheel molds, we can manufacture trolley casters and cart casters based on the custom size, load capacity and materials.