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Caster performance test
  • Hydrolysis aging test

    Used to detect changes in the wheel under the water temperature at 90 ℃, the cycle is 3-7 days.

  • Wear-resistant test

    Used to test the wear resistance of caster material, load range of 10 ~ 2000kg.

  • Toughness impact test

    Used to detect the impact changes of screws, pot nails, rivets and other accessories.

  • Brake test

    Used to detect brake changes of casters with a brake.

  • Hydraulic test

    Used to detect changes of casters horizontal static pressure, vertical static pressure.

  • Temperature resistant test

    Used to detect changes of casters in the -35 ℃ to 200 ℃ above.

  • Salt spray test

    Used to test hardware fitting coatings of casters, check coating corrosion.

  • Impact test

    Used to detect shock changes of wheels in both freezing and normal temperature conditions.

  • Hardness test

    Used to detect the hardness of casters metallic parts.

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