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Industry Examples

Globe Caster is an expert in the production of casters, and knows exactly what to do in order to produce casters for a variety of different applications, ranging from light duty furniture casters, all the way to heavy machinery industrial casters.

    1. Logistics and transportation companies are focused on the efficient transport of heavy goods in situations where the wrong caster can significantly slow down the logistics process. Because these companies need to load, unload, and transport from a cargo hub to docks, warehouses and other areas on a strict time table, the right casters are a must have tool. With our expertise in the industry, we offer the most suitable casters for this type of application need, thus improving the efficiency of mobile transportation for our logistics customers.
    1. One thing that is a must have in any factory is a cart to facilitate movement of different materials and products. Loads are often heavy, and our casters have been tested to effectively promote the efficient transfer of goods and materials. More, with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and design of casters, we can also customize casters for your application needs.
    1. We provide caster customization service for urban trash cans. When customers seek out these casters specifically, the main concern is the service life after exposure to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. A secondary concern, like all casters, is the noise performance, and just like those that we supply for hospitals, schools, hotels and other indoor environments, these casters are quiet, light duty casters that will leave behind no wheel imprints.
    1. We offer only the best in high strength nylon wheel casters and iron core polyurethane wheel casters for customers to choose from. We also offer heavy duty spring torsion casters that are solid and reliable. Equipped with Ball duplex bearings, these casters ensure a flexible and stable rotation, even under heavy loads. Because forklifts play such an important part in various industries, a high quality, high strength caster wheel is needed to keep the forklift upright even when handling a heavy load. We recommend iron core polyurethane wheel and nylon wheel casters for forklift applications.
    1. We offer casters that are used in industrial, commercial, residential and hotel locations. We also offer casters for storage racks, which are often used in hotels and hospitals for additional storage space. For indoor usage, casters need to be silent and leave no wheel imprints behind. These casters also have a lower load bearing capacity that is ideal for everyday use, and feature a flexible rotation that allows them to be used even in narrow locations.
    1. We are a processional caster supplier with international customers coming to us for our caster options that from light duty furniture casters to large, heavy duty industrial caster wheels. Some of our most popular casters include those used in food equipment such as oven carts, diner carts, and other carts used for transporting food and dishes. Due to high temperatures in the caster environment, these casters need to be able to withstand high temperatures and long-term, flexible use.
    1. Globe Caster offers high quality PU material and iron core PU scaffold casters that can bear a maximum load of 420kgs with a flexible rotation. Within the construction industry, safety and easy installation are paramount, which is why casters for this purpose are designed with a brake and a stem. These casters are flexible and wear resistant, allowing users to easily move the scaffolding from place to place.
    1. Globe Caster offers high quality casters that will not jam and feature a dust resistant design, effectively preventing easily stretchable materials (like wool yarn) from wrapping around the caster, thus ensuring the logistics turnover carts move easily and safely throughout the usage environment. These casters are flexible, wear resistant, chemical resistance, waterproof and feature an outstanding floor protection performance, making them ideal for use in different environments.
    1. Supermarket shopping cart casters are made of polyurethane, and when paired with a shopping cart’s unique, silent design, the casters are silent, which effectively eliminates annoying background noise.
      In a specific bearing conditions, shopping cart casters do not easily leave behind imprints on the floor.
      Polyurethane casters are shock absorbent, wear resistant, and oil resistant.
    1. Hotels utilize a wide range of casters in everything from generic carts, to house cleaning carts, room service carts, washing machines, mop buckets, trash cans and more. With over 30 years of experience in customizing different casters, our products are ideal solutions in hotels where a silent, non-slip and soft tread caster is a must have.
    1. Mobile airport casters are made of high-strength nylon and feature a smooth surface that moves easily on different ground types.
      Casters are assembled with ball bearings, and feature a flexible rotation that effectively reduces the driving force.
      High load capacity, high wear resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.
      Install the airport casters with a bumper for additional impact resistance.
    1. Shock absorbing casters have a stable working performance under high-speed traction. The use of ball bearings brings about an excellent rotational performance. By selecting a high quality impact spring, the performance of the caster is significantly improved, thus avoiding damage caused by shock impacts. The vibration resistance springs of shock absorbing casters are in a sealed state, and feature a dust and wrapping resistant performance.
    1. These polyurethane casters rotate flexibly at -30 ℃.
      The ball bearing assembly ensures a silent performance with a low rolling resistance, which effectively protects the ground against wheel imprints.
      Polyurethane material, non-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, suitable for long-distance or high frequency moving equipment.
      Using a buffer, they can withstand -30℃ low temperatures, ensuring that the caster bearing and bracket rotate flexibly.