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How to Choose Caster Wheel

There are numerous caster wheel types for industrial casters, and all come in an array of sizes, types, tire surfaces and more based on different environment and application requirements. The following is a short explanation on how to choose the right wheel for your needs.

1. Determine the wheel diameter
We usually determine the wheel diameter according to the bearing weight and installation height requirements. It is easier to push and the load capacity is larger when the wheel diameter is bigger, which also protects the ground from damage.

2. Choose the wheel material
The first thing to consider is the size of the pathway the wheel will be used on, obstacles that may be in the way (such as scrap iron, oil or other items), environmental conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) and the weight the wheel can load. Once these three things have been taken into consideration, users can choose a suitable wheel material.

Nylon wheels or cast iron wheels feature a great wear resistance that makes them ideal for use on rough ground or areas with residual substances.

On a smooth, obstacle free and clean ground, rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, pneumatic wheels or synthetic rubber wheels should be selected, all of which feature a mute performance and an excellent elasticity.

When working at special high temperatures or low temperatures, or the work environment temperature differences are significant, users should choose metal or other high temperature resistant materials for the wheels.

In places where static electricity is prevalent and needs to be avoided, it is better to use special anti-static wheels or metal wheels (if the ground does not require protection).

When there is a large amount of corrosive medium in the working environment, wheels with an excellent corrosion resistance and stainless steel wheel carriers should be selected accordingly.
Pneumatic wheels are also suitable for light loads and uneven and soft road surfaces.

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