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Cold Room Trolley Casters

The casters we provide for freezers and cooling equipment used in below freezing environments have a number of features.

1. These polyurethane casters rotate flexibly at -30 ℃.
2. The ball bearing assembly ensures a silent performance with a low rolling resistance, which effectively protects the ground against wheel imprints.
3. Polyurethane material, non-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, suitable for long-distance or high frequency moving equipment.
4. Using a buffer, they can withstand -30℃ low temperatures, ensuring that the caster bearing and bracket rotate flexibly.

Casters recommendation

Our company manufacture commercial caster since 1988, as a reputable cold room trolley caster and caster wheel supplier, we also offer wide range of industrial use light duty, medium duty and heavy duty casters with a wide range of load capacity, and there are two main types like swivel stem casters and swivel plate mount casters, with thousands of models. As our company can design the caster wheel molds, we can manufacture trolley and cart casters based on the custom size, load capacity and materials.