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Caster Manufacturing

The Globe Caster production workshop covers an area of 120,000 m2 and is staffed by our more than 500 employees. The company has passed IS09001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Depending on the caster size, bearing capacity, and material, we have designed over 21,000 models suitable for industrial and commercial application. The annual production capacity for this facility is more than 10,000 tons.

To keep up with and expand on such a strong production capacity, we have introduced a number of CNC machining equipment, independent production molds and all kinds of stamping parts and injection molding machines.

Mold manufacture

The mold shop has more than twenty pieces of processing equipment, four wire cutting machines, and one EDM. These allows us to meet special-shaped casters customization demands.

Metal stamping parts process

With 2 shears, more than 100 all kinds of presses and a CNC punch, several automated welding planes, 6 cleaning equipment, several sets of welding exhaust gas treatment equipment. There are a number of automated stamping production lines in the workshop. All series of products are processed through "shearing, stamping, bending, stretching, cutting, drilling, welding, cleaning" and other methods.

Injection molding

The company has more than 30 injection molding machines, 2 sets of exhaust gas treatment equipment. The clamping force of injection molding equipment is from 80T to 720T, the injection volume from 100g to 3800g, can produce all kinds of casters. All products use all new materials. Raw materials are regularly sent to the country’s designated testing agencies for testing. Equipment is debugged by the professional commissioning staff during production.


41 staff members operate loading wheel tables, equipped with an automatic packaging line. According to product quality requirements, they ensure assembly quality through special testing equipment and manual inspection.

Assembly workshop

The workshop has 3 floors, each floor has 3,000m2. The first floor is the production area and the accessories storage area. The second and third floors are the material storage areas. At present, there are 22 production workbenches and about 30 operators.

Quality inspection workshop

Our quality inspection workshop has the following equipment: Abrasion tester, salt spray tester, low temperature resistance tester, high temperature resistance tester, toughness impact tester, brake tester, electric Rockwell hardness tester, hydraulic tester, impact tester, hydrolysis tester, etc. In terms of quality inspection, the company will eliminate unqualified raw materials, semi-finished products and finished parts to ensure that customers receive quality products.


The workshop has 3 floors, with about 8 porters, 7 trucks and 6 truck drivers. The large workshop area allows for a large inventory of product parts to ensure a fast delivery time.

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