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Globe Caster has all the information needed to help customers make an informed decision about what kind of equipment and materials are needed to carry out the best possible, and highest quality, casting process.

    1. Polypropylene is thermoplastic material known for its shock resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, and its non-marking, non-staining, and non-toxic performance, as well as a material that is odorless and will not absorb moisture. Polypropylene can resist many corrosive substances, with the exclusion of strong oxidizers and halogen hydrogen compounds. The applicable temperature range is between -20℃ and +60℃, though the bearing capacity will decrease in ambient temperatures of more than +30℃.
    1. When choosing an appropriate wheel carrier, the first thing to take into consideration is the wheel caster’s bearing weight. For example, in supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels, the floor is good, smooth and goods carted around are usually light, meaning that every caster will carry roughly 10 to 140kg. Therefore, a suitable option is a plating wheel carrier formed using a stamping process on a thin steel plate (2-4mm). This type of wheel carrier is light, flexible, and silent.
    1. Choose the wheel material: The first thing to consider is the size of the pathway the wheel will be used on, obstacles that may be in the way (such as scrap iron, oil or other items), environmental conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) and the weight the wheel can load. Once these three things have been taken into consideration, users can choose a suitable wheel material.
    1. Side brake: a brake device installed on the wheel shaft sleeve or tire surface, which is controlled by foot and fix the rotation of wheels only. Direction locking: a device that can lock the steering bearing or turntable by using an anti-spring bolt. It locks the movable caster into a fixed position, which turns one wheel into a multi-purpose wheel. Dust ring: it is installed on the bracket turntable up and down to avoid dust getting on to the steering bearings, which maintains the lubrication and flexibility of the wheel rotation.

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