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About Caster Accessories

1. Dual brake: a brake device that can lock the steering and fix the rotation of wheels.

2. Side brake: a brake device installed on the wheel shaft sleeve or tire surface, which is controlled by foot and fix the rotation of wheels only.

3. Direction locking: a device that can lock the steering bearing or turntable by using an anti-spring bolt. It locks the movable caster into a fixed position, which turns one wheel into a multi-purpose wheel.

4. Dust ring: it is installed on the bracket turntable up and down to avoid dust getting on to the steering bearings, which maintains the lubrication and flexibility of the wheel rotation.

5. Dust cover: it is installed at the ends of the wheel or shaft sleeve to avoid dust from getting onto the caster wheels, which maintains the wheel lubrication and rotation flexibility.

6. Anti-wrapping cover: it is installed at the ends of the wheel or shaft sleeve and on the bracket fork feet to avoid other materials such as thin wires, ropes and other sundry winding in the gap between the bracket and wheels, which can keep the flexibility and free rotation of the wheels.

7. Support frame: it is installed in the bottom of the transport equipment, ensuring the equipment remains in a fixed position.

8. Other: including steering arm, lever, anti-loose pad and other parts for specific purposes.

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